It  is totally free to be a spectator and all spectators are very welcome at The Kryptonite Challenge, cheering friends and family members on will really motivate them and get them over the finish line. Spectators can sit in the bar or in the cafeteria and watch all the action. Watch your family and friends covered in mud climbing, slipping and sliding under and over obstacles, being electrocuted and frozen in huge ice baths what a laugh and no better way to spend your day!!!  


Event opens at 8am Saturday and Sunday.


The kryptonite challenge team ask !!!


1/ That all spectators keep well clear of all participants whilst they are participating in The krytonite challenge and keep to the designated viewing areas. 


2/ The  fence is there for a reason please keep yourself and your children on the right side of it.


3/ No spectators or children on the obstacle course at any time.


4/ No dogs allowed in this event.


5/ Any spectators causing disruptions at The krytonite challenge will be asked to leave the event.


6/ Always think safety first.


Thank you for your co-operation The krytonite challenge team.